Essay “Humane Communism as part of Subversion to Red” by Adela Demetja

Humane Communism as part of Subversion to Red

by Adela Demetja

‘Double Feature’ is an event format introduced by Tirana Art Lab in 2014, with the aim of displaying two artistic positions to the regional and international audience, within the gallery space of TAL. Double Feature # 4 brought together the work of the Macedonian artist Nada Prlja and the Albanian artist Nikolin Bujari. The fourth Double Feature was part of Heroes We Love. Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in New Europe, a multidisciplinary collaboration project focusing on

the socialist legacy in 20th-century European art. It involves various partners from both institutional and non-institutional sectors in Central and Eastern Europe, with the aim of relating contemporary art practices to research and involving the wider public with reflecting on art from the socialist-era in its cultural, social, and political context… Continue reading the text – PDF format.

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