Pavilion of the Republic of North Macedonia at La Biennale di Venezia


Pavilion of The Republic of North Macedonia
58th Venice Biennale
Subversion to Red

This major solo exhibition by Nada Prlja is a research-based project which aims to define alternative forms of socio-political formations by revisiting concepts of Marxist theory and aspects of modernism, while enabling a subversion of both the harsh nature of capitalism and the rigidity of socialist times.

The project employs artistic and non-artistic methodologies, including a performance-based debate (featuring key political theorists) and installations which redefine a number of socialist-era artworks. ‘Subversion to Red’ offers potential for both the direct and indirect impact of art on social processes, by introducing idealism and ideology as renewed forms of motivation in society.

Artist: Nada Prlja
Curator: Jovanka Popova
Commissioner: Mira Gakina
Curator collaborator: Tevž Logar
Theory collaborator: Artan Sadiku

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 09.42.57

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