VLAD MORARIU (moderator of the Red Discussion 1 and 2)

Portrait of Vlad Morariu and Chantal Mouffe, painted by Nada Prlja


VLAD MORARIU, moderator of the discussion entitled ‘Red Discussion II’ by Nada Prlja, part of the inauguration of The National Pavilion of Republic of North Macedonia.

Vlad Morariu is a Romanian-born researcher, curator and lecturer at Middlesex University London. Vlad’s work sits across various disciplines – from 20th century analytic and continental philosophy to sociology, anthropology, fashion and visual and material cultures. His PhD thesis (2014, Loughborough University) explored philosophical frameworks informing the art practices of institutional critique. In 2016 he was AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow, with a project that revisited Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s reading of phenomenology, and its importance within the practices of the therapeutic communities that Laing co-established in London in the 1960s. Together with Raluca Voinea (tranzit.ro/Bucharest) and Judit Angel (tranzit.sk), Vlad Morariu initiated Collection Collective, an international network of artists, curators and cultural organizers, who founded in 2017 a collection of contemporary art, collectively owned and managed by its members.

LR_North_Macedonia_Nada_Prlja_VB2019_1_Red Discussion II_04_photo Ana LazarevskaLR_North_Macedonia_Nada_Prlja_VB2019_1_Red Discussion II_03_photo Ana Lazarevska

LR_North_Macedonia_Nada_Prlja_VB2019_1_Red Discussion II_02_photo Ana Lazarevska
All images from the Performative Artwork Red Discussion 2 by Nada Prlja, May, 2019. La Biennale di Venezia 2019

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