Hannah Black (participant of Red Discussion 1)

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Hannah Black is a conceptual visual artist and writer. Her work spans video, text and performance and draws on communist, feminist, and afropessimist theory, autobiographical fragments, and pop music. In 2013, Black received a Masters of Fine Arts in Art Writing from the public research institution Goldsmiths College, University of London. Between 2013-2014, she lived in New York City where she was a studio participant in the Whitney Independent Study Program. According to Hatty Nestor in Art in America, “Hannah Black’s practice deals primarily with issues of global capitalism, feminist theory, the body and sociopolitical spaces of control.” In 2014, Black was a contributing editor to the New York-based magazine, The New Inquiry.

In 2016, Black’s first collection of writing titled Dark Pool Party was published. The book consists of seven texts “that blur the lines of fiction, nonfiction, cultural criticism, critique, and poetry.”

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