What did they say about Subversion to Red _ Charles Esche

  Nada Prlja’s exhibition had a heart that was lacking for me in the central pavilion. The works engaged a personal history that also had impact on our current society. The end of socialism was captured formally in the sculptures and photographs, works that combined perfectly with the slightly decayed spaces of the Venetian palazzo….

Skopje, Happy Birthday 2021!

The city of Skopje influenced our artist’s Nada Prlja in substantial manner. Following artworks are selection of projects that represent this.

It’s All in the Reading by Déirdre Kelly

URL / PDF Abstract It seems inherent in the nature of contemporary artist’s book production to continue to question the context for the genre in contemporary art practice, notwithstanding the medium’s potential for dissemination via mass production and an unquestionable advantage of portability for distribution. Artists, curators and editors operating in this sector look to…

French Wikipedia_National Pavilions

URL Les pavillons nationaux accueillent la représentation officielle de chaque nation participante lors de la Biennale de Venise , une exposition internationale biennale d’art qui se tient à Venise, en Italie . Certains pays possèdent des bâtiments de pavillon dans la Biennale Giardini della tandis que d’autres louent des bâtiments dans toute la ville, mais…

Video Interview with artist Nada Prlja by Stefano Romano for Art House Channel

Spend 40 min with artist of Venice Biennale’s North Macedonian Pavilion presentation Nada Prlja, while she is talking about a number of projects such as Peace Wall, Disaster Diary, Subversion to Red from Venice Biennale, West, The Rights, etc. We thank Art House, Adrian Paci and Stefano Romano for this valuable opportunity.

La belle revue _ Review by Raino Isto

(Counter-)Heritage and Contemporary Art in Tiranaby Raino Isto URL / PDF Global contemporary art is increasingly engaged with the questions raised by architectural heritage in urban spaces, as artists seek to understand how the built environment can both reinforce and undermine legacies of imperial repression, authoritarian regimentation, and neoliberal privatization. Tirana is no exception to this cultural…

frieze _ Review by Juliet Jacques

Two Picasso Murals and the Shifting Perception of Public Art Juliet Jacques examines the political motives behind the removal of works in Oslo, London and the former Yugoslavia frieze / Art Journal /  06.08.2020 / URL /PDF  The pending demolition of Oslo’s Y Building, adorned since its construction in 1969 with two concrete murals by Pablo…